Cut Fund Costs

Tom is joined by Paul Merriman again this week as Don is still traversing New Zealand in a camper-van. On today’s episode Tom and Paul look at the news regarding 2017’s mutual fund costs, talk about important phone calls, answer questions on real estate, retirement and index funds. As usual the emphasis is on long term, diversified, passive investments. Paul states that, on average, people overstate their returns, miscalculating them to their supposed advantage.

  • Mutual fund costs drop in 2017.
  • Know your costs, your fees and your expenses!
  • The three phone calls that changed your life. 
  • Miscalculating your returns and the better than average rule. 
  • Why index funds are proven to give better returns than almost anything. 
  • The difficulties of purchasing real estate from a 401(k). 
  • The idea of turning assets into income in retirement. 
  • The life changing quality of equities!