Not a Toy

Welcome to the Talking Real Money Podcast! We are once again joined by Paul Merriman, who will be helping us talk about all the things that matter to you most and field your questions about how to make the most of investments. Paul and Tom go through some information about mutual funds, annuities, show again why stock picking is a bad choice and tackle index funds. Paul also gives a teaser of what you can expect from him at the upcoming Retiremeet conference and we finish off getting a bit of background to his history in investing and discussing some ideas for improving today’s financial education, to better equip the younger generation. So if you would like to keep that finger on the money’s pulse, tune in!

  • Some more information on last week’s social media bust-up.
  • Why it’s okay to get mutual fund returns instead of trying to play the market. 
  • A special call from Don, all the way from New Zealand!
  • Shopping around for annuities and the complexities of the subject.
  • A taste of what Paul Merriman will be presenting at Retiremeet. 
  • Looking at some examples of stock picking.
  • Comparing good options for index funds. 
  • Financing a problem-free retirement according to your needs.  
  • Low risk investment and the basics of the game.
  • Some of Paul’s work since he sold his company.
  • What’s missing from today’s financial education in universities.