Roth Power

The focus of this episode is the Roth account, as our hosts take a few calls on the subject and unpack the benefits for our listeners. Guest host, Paul Merriman lays out his ideas around really long term investing, for your grandchildren, and how to utilize the Roth IRA for this purpose. We also talk about picking strategies for multiple accounts and how much of an effect small choices make over the years with compounding interest. We also look forward to the fast approaching Retiremeet and Paul gives us a small idea of what to expect from his presentation.

  • Why to pick a Roth IRA over a 401(k).
  • Investing for your grandchildren with the a Roth IRA.
  • Deciding on levels of aggression for your investment strategy.
  • The widening difference that occurs with compounding interest. 
  • Best practices for long term investing with regards to risk.
  • More reasons why we like the Roth IRA as a long term option.
  • Looking forward to the best and worst questions surrounding investments. 
  • A taste of Paul Merriman’s Retiremeet topic.

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