Money and funny? Yes, the two can go together. Toss in honesty, transparency and true financial science and you have the most unique investing podcast in America.

Listen as two of the country's top financial broadcasters and educators show you how to stop playing with your hard-earned money and start investing it for YOUR future on “Talking Real Money.” Tom Cock was the host of the PBS-TV show “Serious Money” for many years and Don McDonald hosted a nationally syndicated financial talk show from 1988. In 2008, their podcast, “Sound Investing” (that was also hosted by Paul Merriman) was named the "Best Money Podcast" by Money Magazine. Now, Tom and Don post two episodes per week of "Talking Real Money" taken from their popular Saturday radio on KOMO Newsradio. Call us anytime at 855-935-TALK (8255).

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Finally, Financial Fysics is free! Even better, it's updated and enhanced using interactive features only available on iBooks®. If you have an iPad®, Mac®, or iPhone®, get your free copy now and share the word.


The interactive iBooks® edition of "Financial Fysics" only works on Apple® devices. We have created a free, static version in PDF format that is unable to support many of the features of the iBooks® version.

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