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Learn How to Invest Like a Nobel Prize Winner at a Free Class

Join Tom and Don from KOMO radio's "Talking Real Money" for a live class on Septmeber 27th in Bellevue, WA (sorry, the Lynwood class is "sold" out). Learn how to create and enjoy a real retirement when Tom and Don show you:

The science of investing based on Nobel Prize winning research
How to build a low cost risk appropriate portfolio
How to avoid running out of money in retirement
How to create a world class 401k savings plan
Strategies for taking Social Security and more

Call Tom & Don Saturdays at 3 ET (noon PT) at 877-397-5666.


Get the facts about managing and investing your money, live every Saturday at noon PT. Tom & Don are Talking Real Money on KOMO Newsradio in Seattle. You can listen live or explore or library of podcasts anytime. If you would like to have the latest podcast delivered via e-mail subscribe below.

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Education is the foudation upon which everything we do is built. In addition to the shows, blogs, and newsletters, we also write books, create helpful videos and conduct live classes to help you better manage money. We also provide services designed to help you better understand your current financial situation like My Future Blueprint and build better retirement portfolios like

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My Future


Discover the truth about investing and the money business via our Talking Real Money Show blog or our educational newsletter, Vestories. You can subscribe to the e-newsletter here or use the form below. Check out some of our suggested investing books here and consider sharing some of your favorites.

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Growth can take a number of forms. One of the most crucial is growing your wealth for a better future. In addition to helping you make better financial decisions, we are also available to act as your financial investing guide through our fee-only investment advisory firm, Vestory. We provide fill-service financial and investment planning and guidance at some of the lowest fees in the industry to everyone who needs it. You don't have to have a $1 million portfolio, or even $100,000. We help everyone! Just ask.

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Do you know what is really in your portfolio? How well diversified are you? How much are your investment costing you. Will you have enough to retire well. You can't plan for the future without knowing where you are today. Order "My Future Blueprint" while it's still FREE (and, of course, there is no obligation or high-pressure sales pitch, ever).

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More Good Stuff

We are always adding new services and resources to help you become a better investor and build a brighter future. Check out a variety of resources at  our other websites like and

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Your retirement plan at work will likely be the foundation of your future. Yet, the choices are confusing and the particulars are difficult to understand. We want to help everyone make better portfolio decisions within 401k and 403b plans. Let us give you some suggestions to better allocate your plan totally free (and it's not an excuse for a sales pitch, either).


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