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Talking Real Money Podcasts

Anything for a Buck

Don McDonald

- Bad advice from a big investing organization.

- Should saving be a priority when you have outstanding debt?

- The earlier you start investing the better.

- What's wrong with most investing publications?

- What questions should you be asking advisors?

Judging the Market

Don McDonald

- Does "the Dow" exceeding 22,000 mean much of anything?

- What happens to college savings if your child doesn't go to college.

- What purpose do bond funds serve in a portfolio?

- What's the best way to refinance a mortgage

- How much is too much to pay for financial advice?

Single Organism Investing

Don McDonald

- Why it is important to treat your portfolio as a single entity instead of individual investments

- Can a worker offset  taxes on IRA required minimum distributions with new contributions?

- The main difference between ETF's and Index Funds

- More on the importance of fiduciary advice

- Good news: reverse mortgages ain't what they used to be

Money Should Work for You

Don McDonald

- Our good friend, financial author and educator, Paul Merriman, joins Tom

- How to have money work for you (and not the other way around).

- Why is the U.S. Dollar going down?

- Is there a risk that companies may become overvalued due to index funds?

- How to minimize the amount of taxes paid post-retirement 

Don't Own Your Own!

Don McDonald

- How can you be sure that your company's stock won't fail when you need it most?

- Why owning diversified portfolio is always better than owning individual stocks

- Learn how to create a properly diversified 401k.

- When does investing in an ETF make sense?

Plus, please forgive a bit of disjointedness, as Don was broadcasting remotely from Colorado.

Live from Austin

Don McDonald

- Don reports on his visit with Dimensional Funds from Austin Texas

- When is it time to hire an advisor?

- Can you roll over inherited retirement plans into a ROTH?

- Dimensional funds vs Vanguard funds: Which is better?

- How do you qualify for a ROTH IRA?