Free? Steak Dinner

The most fun we've had in ages and lots of callers asking:

- What's the free dinner catch?

- What should investors do in bear markets? 

- Where should you keep your bonds?

- Are online trading acadamies worthwhile?

Fleecing Teachers

- Will the SEC solve the fiduciary problem

- Don and the Donald get a get-rich-quick e-mail

- Annuity salespeople keep taking advantage of 403b participants

Best Interests Out?

- It may get harder to know which advisors are looking out for your best interests

- Are index funds better than just stocks and bonds?

- Stop gambling on sports, Bitcoin, or stocks.

- Betting on a 3x oil trust is not investing.

Prepare for a Bear?

- What should you do to prepare for the inevitable bear market.

-How do you find the right financial advisor.

-Should you buy a house because interest trates have risen?

Mea Culpa Brokers

-A potential retirement crisis looms for about 65% of those over 55.

-Don apologizes to stockbrokers for accusing some of duplicity.

-Why is so much money invested in zero-yielding accounts? 

Re-Meet Tom & Don

- A premiere on a new station requires us to re-introduce ourselves.

- We talk about the history of the market and its ups and downs

- Plus, we explain the perils of various annuity products

Lucky Blade of Grass

- Do commodities make sense as an investment

- How does "Blade of Grass Conundrum" apply to investing

- Why immediate annuities are a lot like gambling

Tax Scam Season

- Beware of "found" money from the IRS.

- You can now call us with your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 855-935-TALK (8255).

- Dealing with the explosion of telephone scams.

- The financial experts keep making bad predictions.

Getting it Wrong

- Just how bad have the expert predictions been in the past?

- What type of account do you want to set up for a child who is not currently earning income?

- Is fine art considered an investment?

- Which has been better: Real Estate or Stocks?

Retiremeet Bellevue 2018

- Broadcasting live from Retiremeet 2018!

- Should you borrow from you 401k?

- How can you manage health care if you retire before 65?

The Number of the Beast

- The day after the silly Dow closed down 666 points what should you do?

- Check out financial advisors who claim to act in your best interests.

- How far back should you look to get market perspective.

- Could the BitCoin market have been illegally manipulated?

Flawed Thinking

- When it comes to making money and investing, we keep getting it wrong. 

- What factors should influence your portfolio decisions?

- Why investing is so much simpler than people make it out to be.

- Hear about surprising (to most people) trends in the stock market over the past ten years!