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Talking Real Money: The Only Way to Invest

Joey Meehan

Starting with this episode, we are editing the podcasts more tightly to get them close to one hour.

This week, what is the right way to invest? We believe there is only one way that is supported by solid science.

Why do a few funds show some incredible past returns? Is it skill or luck? And how dangerous have the hot funds been?

What is the best way for someone who has very little money to get started investing.

Plus, why do you need bonds in your portfolio and much more


Talking Real Money: Investing in Old Sitcoms

Joey Meehan

Investing has changed over the past 60 years as illustrated through old episode of "Father Knows Best." While we still buy annuities as investments, we have many more (and often far better) choices. Yet, insurance companies, banks, Wall Street keeps working against you with products that aren't in your best interests.

Plus, buying a house is not a real investment. The only way that you can effectively invest in real estate is if you make a business out of it or invest in commercial real estate through REITs and much more.

Talking Real Money: Make Money for You

Joey Meehan

Most people are terrible investors, making far less than those things in which they're invested. Who is making the most money off of your investments? It should be you, not your stock broker of insurance agent.

Plus, we talk about investing for beginners, whether of not a broker is a fiduciary, and the right reasons to invest in bonds.

Talking Real Money: Stopped Clock King

Joey Meehan

We love being scared. There have always been a number of people publishing prognostications of future calamity. One guy in particular, Harry Dent has made a fortune making up stock market predictions. Since 2009, he has told his followers that to expect a stock market crash at any moment. Eight years later, we're still waiting. The good news is that Harry will eventually be right, but a lot of good it will have done.

Plus, we talk about keeping fees low, portfolio diversification, reasons to buy life insurance and much more!

Talking Real Money: Lesson to Sell?

Joey Meehan

What's wrong with most of the continuing education classes about investing? Is your class a sales pitch in disguise? Plus, we discuss a firefighters pension options, explain the value of diversification and much more.

Talking Real Money: Investing Isn't Gambling

Don McDonald

Despite what you have been led to believe investing and speculating are not synonymous. You need to know that:
- The future is not predictable. 
- If you try to pick individual stocks, you are gambling. 
- Gold is not an investment.
- Real estate is not an Investment.

Talking Real Money: In Your Best Interests?

Don McDonald

Is your adviser acting your best interests? You may be surprised to learn that the only financal advice providers who are required by law to act as a fiduciary are "registered investment advisors." Most are "dual registered" meaning sometimes they have to provide advice that is best for you. Most of the time, they are only required to provide suitable advice.

Talking Real Money: EIA Reality

Don McDonald

It sounds like everything everyone wants in an investment. Stock market returns with no risk! What could be better than these equity indexed annuities? Almost anything, actually. Don explains, in detail, what an indexed annuity is likely to return in the real world – not some hyped up sales pitch – and it's not pretty. Plus, Tom and Don discuss real estate as an investment, when to take Social Security and much more.

Talking Real Money: Ghosts of Investing Past and Future

Joey Meehan

This week: The history of investing and why real investing – versus speculating – is a relatively new concept. We get calls on three of Don's favorite topics (and least favorite financial pitches); indexed annuities, precious metals, and Ameriprise. Plus, we discuss the terrible performance of active investment managers and why doing less might be doing more for your future.

Talking Real Money: Know What You Don't Know

Joey Meehan

Sorry for the delay. We had some audio issues that took time to fix.

This week Tom is on vacation, so Don and callers discuss plans for funding college, why short-term bonds are less scary, the importance of patience and rebalancing, plus why homes and gold are likely to continue to be bad investments.

Talking Real Money: Real Investing History

Joey Meehan

How much has investing changed over the last 100 years? How to find a new investment advisor. Do you "have a guy" who claims to be able to provide outrageous returns? What can you do this year to improve next year? What should you do with bonds in today's climate? Plus, creating a Roth IRA for a child and much more!

Talking Real Money: Real Investing Works

Joey Meehan

This week:
- What is real investing?
- Stocks returns have been positive over and 30-year period. 
- Why you shouldn't seek out active managers.
- Buying a duplex as an investment for retirement
- Building a properly diversified portfolio tfor up and down markets. 
- Should you take Social Security at 62?

Talking Real Money: Election Economics

Don McDonald

Our final show before the election. Here are some of the days topics:

- What to do with money during election
- Better ways to invest in retirement as a teacher
- Why using a variable annuity inside a 403B plan is not in your best interest.
- What happens to the money invested in your 401k's when your company goes bankrupt?
- Why you should use one IRA rather than have multiple retirement accounts. 
- The discipline of rebalancing: Sell high. Buy low.. 
- You may be responsible for your spouses debt once you get married. 

Talking Real Money: Four Point Five Points

Don McDonald

Join us for another podcast-only podcast. This week: Why does the money media insist on touting the potential for active investing? Can there be a better non-publicly traded REIT? Yes, there is someone trying to shut down financial scams. Plus, how is Wall Street dealing with 2017's fiduciary rules for retirement investing?

Talking Real Money: Four Points Podcast

Don McDonald

Because of the incredible number of football preemptions of our radio show – that becomes this podcast – we decided to create a podcast-only program. This week, Tom and I each address two important points that we would have shared on the show. I'll cover those terrible teacher retirement programs and actively-passive investing, while Tom shares a story about a lousy fixed income investment alternative and the story of one of the fastest growing actively-passive mutual fund families in the world, Dimensional Funds. 

Talking Real Money: Tom's Big Blow

Joey Meehan

Tom was weathering a storm in Seattle while Don was on vacation in Mexico. No much is guaranteed, but there is at least one thing that is certain, the stock market will fall at times. Nothing that should allow you to plan for that certainty. However, investing is not anything like gambling. Plus, we take a lot of great calls.

Talking Real Money: Out of Practice

Joey Meehan

It's good to be back after football preemptions. What is wrong with the investment media? We have an example. Don gets mad at indexed annuities again. After all the bad news, how bad have stocks done? A whole lot better than you might imagine. Plus, we take lots of interesting calls!