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Talking Real Money Podcasts

Trouble with Traders

Joey Meehan

- Investors continue to move from active management to index funds

- How can trading systems make the claims they do?

- Attorney Darol Tuttle from the BoomX Show makes a guest appearance .

- Plus, details about our appearance at the AAII National Investor Conference in Orlando.

Investing Psychology

Don McDonald

- Mutual funds vs ETF's, is one better from a tax standpoint?

- Come see us at the AAII National Investor Conference in Orlando!

- How human psychology plays a role in investing!

- Why we feel everyone should have an Acorns account (and no, they don't pay us).

Scary October

Don McDonald

- Do investors have anything to fear from October? 

- What has been the most profitable stock ever traded since 1926? 

- The true purpose of having bonds in your portfolio!

- Warren Buffet's take on investing, and why it may not apply to the average investor!


Don McDonald

- Don's commentary on the trouble with Equifax and credit reporting, in general

- How should you respond to the Equifax debacle?

- Can you avoid paying taxes on tax-deferred retirement plans?

- What is the proper place for tax-free funds in your portfolio?

Door to Door Investing?

Don McDonald

- Pity those poor door-to-door investing salesmen from Edward Jones?

- What is a reasonable amount of money to pay for an investment adviser?

- Is it ever okay to buy an individual stock, and if so, when?

- What is the best way to set up a college fund for your children/grandchildren?

- Why you want to steer clear of investment advisers that are also licensed insurance agents!

Insurance and Investing Don't Mix

Don McDonald

- Tricking people into believing that a blatant insurance sales pitch is actually a class at a major university.

- Should you ever invest with your friendly neighborhood insurance agent?

- Is there ever a safe time to invest? Should you be waiting before putting money into the market? 

- Why are trillions of dollars in cash just lying around throughout the world and not being invested?