Gold's Empty Promise

In this episode of the podcast we are steering you away from the troubled waters of shady advisors and bad investments. Don and Tom take a few calls about correcting your investment path, the reality of gold and precious metal investments.. The duo also discuss the state of Seattle’s pension fund, Don’s book, and bitcoin. The episode finishes off with an invite to their next event, The Science of Retirement Investing, which is happening in June and will, like this show, help you prepare for a financially secure future.

  • The recent Seattle City pension fund debacle.
  • Don and Tom’s free advice for those in charge of pensions in Seattle.
  • How to get ahold of Don’s book, Financial Fysics
  • The continuation of Mary’s question from the last episode. 
  • Finding the right advisor for your needs and comfortability.  
  • The danger of precious metal investments.
  • What in the world is bitcoin art?
  • Mining asteroids for gold and other minerals!
  • More flimsy cryptocurrency options that you should ignore. 
  • Some information on the upcoming Science of Retirement Investing lunch. 
  • A quick look at bitcoin’s recent chart.