No Magic Money

  • Big banks and their conscious-free approach to money.
  • One of the biggest challenges for Bank of America managers.
  • The substantial shift to passive investment strategies.
  • Is the best way to slow or reverse the ship by generating alpha?
  • Recommendations from Bank of America that investors can perform.
  • Return volatility and buying the riskier stocks.
  • Stock Picker’s Paradise: Is that a real place or just a song?
  • Why Bank of America wants you to “Take the road less travelled.”
  • Extend your time horizon: Why short-term trading hurts returns.
  • Do active managers do well in down markets?
  • Find out why having one retirement fund makes sense.
  • A look at the stats: How many traders really outperform?
  • Why we are yet to find a reliable track record of long-term performance.
  • Stock market investors versus gamblers.
  • Why Warren Buffet isn’t as good as you think.

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