It's the Tax Scam

In this episode of Talking Real Money our hosts take a look at some particularly tricky investment questions. Tom gives some advice on how to not get scammed by people claiming to be the IRS. We then look at short term plans, recent interest rates, college funds and dispel any myths around energy investments! Don helps answer a query about real estate and when to pivot from a your own personal investment strategy and why. We end off with a caller whose story reiterates our main point: only take advice from fee-only fiduciaries!

  • Tom’s ‘troubles’ with someone claiming to be ‘internal revenue service’.
  • Short term policies and why they are usually expensive. 
  • Interest rates and the recents rises this year. 
  • The GET Program and it’s utility in saving for your education. 
  • Comparing a savings account with a short term, bond investment fund. 
  • Why to stay away from energy partnerships!
  • Weighing the pros and cons of selling a rental property. 
  • Another story that illustrates why you need a fee-only fiduciary.
  • Switching strategies and manages your investment tactics.