The Best and Worst

This is the last of Don’s holiday episodes and so we gratefully thank Paul Merriman for stepping in one last time as co-host. In this episode, we cover some historically good and bad investments from none other than our hosts, reversed mortgages, gold and silver investments, market speculation and the work of Professor Bessembinder. Paul gives some invaluable information on salespeople and why you should avoid employing them as advisors. We even go so far as to give some tips for preparing for rough times in the market.

  • Tom and Paul’s best and worst investments of all time.
  • Selling good investments versus good ideas and stories. 
  • The possibilities of a reversed mortgage and the implications on inheritance.
  • Investing in gold and silver and the volatility of this option.
  • Preparing for the next bear market and covering your bases. 
  • Should you speculate at all? 
  • Clarifying exactly what Professor Bessembinder said.
  • What to look forward to in Paul and Tom’s presentations at Retiremeet. 
  • Farewell to Paul Merriman, our amazing guest host!