Paul Merriman

This special episode features Paul Merriman’s keynote address at Retiremeet North on May 5, 2018 in Everett, WA. Paul talks about the essential aspects of smart investing and what he calls the ten million-dollar decisions that investors make. These choices have to be made, either consciously or just by default and Paul is here to remind us of the importance of making these decisions carefully correctly to ensure a bright financial future.

  • The ten million-dollar decisions that one makes as an investor.
  • Picking a trustworthy advisor to aid you on your path to financial security.
  • Balancing stocks and bonds for the best returns and longevity.
  • Signing up for the rises and drops in the market and the returns over the long term.
  • Market timing as opposed to buying and holding.
  • The importance of planning and setting out a glide path. 
  • The role of luck in the life of any investor.

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