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Talking Real Money Podcasts

More is Better

Don McDonald

- Why investing in a globally diversified portfolio has been better.

- Is an asset-based long-term care policy considered an investment?

- The lies insurance agents tell to sell high-commission, cash-value life?

Telling the Truth

Don McDonald

- Should you hire a Vanguard financial advisor?

- Why the market being at another all-time high shouldn't impact your investing decisions.

- Why the advice we provide is so different than most of the other money shows.

The Wild West of Podcasting

Don McDonald

- Exploring the Wild West of financial podcasts.

- We answer the big question: Is it a REAL investment?

- Is just investing in the S&P 500 adequate or should you diversify more?

Lying by Omission

Don McDonald

- Should you stay in 401k or should you go elsewhere?

- How do you find a fund's fees.

- How accurate are those Social Security benfit estimates?

- What's the real story behind indexed annuities?

Can You Lose it All?

Don McDonald

- What is the best investment for a global market crash?

- How do you prepare for the more likely kind of market declines?

- So you're worried about the market's future. So what?

- Will most investing advice actually be in your best interests?

Not a True Fiduciary

Joey Meehan

This is a MUST LISTEN episode. Learn how insurance sales people pretend to be acting in your best interests! 

- Any "adviser" selling indexed annuities is NOT ALWAYS a fiduciary.

- How to do your financial advice due-diligence.

- Even worse: Beware of those selling "bank on yourself" or "infinite banking" whole life sales gimmicks!