Early retirement warning: FIRE can burn you if you’re not careful

Retiring early may not be a realistic goal for most. The facts you need to know before you play with F.I.R.E. Don and Tom talk about the products people get pitch at free steak dinners after about Chuck Jaffe’s indexed annuity dinner pitch. Callers are advised on investing in a private placement and the best ways for their kids to save for college.

The glaring problem with the S&P 500 chart used in equity indexed annuity sales pitches.
The importance of investing in stocks and bonds in proportion to your risk tolerance.
The problems with Primerica.
Why you should think very carefully before investing in a private placement.
How Acorns are a great way for young people to save money.
Mr. Money Mustache and the viability of the FIRE movement.
The need for a better clearing house for information on asset-based insurance policies.