If the volatile market is scaring you, you're doing something wrong.

The stock market has been dizzying. Way down one day, way up the next. So, should you be concerned? Not if you’re invested properly for your risk profile. In addition to the market, we discuss many of the bad financial advice providers. The truth is that most people are paying their advisors far too much and should really be looking for a fee-only, 100% fiduciary who has your interests at heart.

This week in finance and the markets.

Why you should not be jumping in and out of the investing pool.

Some information on the upcoming Retiremeet event.

Don’s New Year’s resolution for daily podcasts.

Why you need to know your advisor’s intentions.

A surprising finding that Tom made this week around advisor fees.

Competitive fees in the financial advisor market.

Who to hire in today’s landscape.

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