Learn a few simple ways to protect your wealth, your future, oh, and your pets.

In this episode, Tom is joined by ConsumerMan Herb Weisbaum in Don’s absence. We talk about pet insurance, free credit freezes and check fraud. In addition, we discuss estate planning and wills; financial advisors, and why you should stick to fee-only fiduciaries.  

  • Contextualizing the latest stock trends in a timeline.

  • Investment withdrawals and weighing the longevity of your finances.

  • Estate planning and the options available when making out your will.

  • Herb lays out some reasons to consider pet insurance.

  • Last year’s Equifax breach and the aftermath of this event when it comes to fraud.

  • When and why to seek a good, fee-only fiduciary.

  • Do people still write checks? No! It’s a scam!