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In this episode, Tom is joined by securities attorney, Lawrence Cock (yes, they are brothers). Today we discuss the Dow’s all-time high at the end of last week, and look back at some of the times in history it plunged. We also talk about financial fraud and avoiding Ponzi schemes. Lawrence looks at the non-binding nature of a promissory note and how to avoid problems.

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average’s closing on Friday.

  • Some scary dates from the fourth quarter in the last few centuries. 

  • Avoiding financial fraud and schemes.. 

  • The danger of promissory notes from financial advisors. 

  • An inherited IRA and the taxation consequences.

  • Third party custodians and remaining clear on terms and expenses.

  • Some of the common issues that Lawrence has witnessed regularly.

  • Considering selling a real estate investment for better cash flow.