Quick: Home as Investment?

Welcome back to a new episode of Talking Real Money Quick. This week there were no calls in to the hotline, so today’s show will consist of a hodgepodge of features on the basics on the wild and wonderful world of investing and managing money. Are homes great investments? The reality of home price appreciation has been far different than we’ve been lead to believe. Plus, why we often feel like we knew what the markets were going to do, when in fact we knew nothing at all. Finally, we discuss the main reasons for the demise of pension plans, how to find the right investment advisor, and why active investment managers are in fact not all they portray themselves to be.

  • Why the choice to own or rent should be a lifestyle decision, not a financial one.
  • Learn how to act on an investment “hunch”, when to make your move.
  • The right questions to ask when choosing an investment advisor.
  • Understanding the three F’s: Fiduciary, Fees, and Fundamentals.
  • The major human failings responsible for the demise of pension plans.
  • Recognizing the irrational fear of losing all your investment money.
  • Busting the myth of active investment management.