Quick: Figuring the Future

In this episode of Talking Real Money Quick we are answering a few listener questions and filling in the gaps in your money knowledge. The first questions deals with a starting point for investing from a strong financial position, while the second question that Don fields is about which calculator to use to work out your money needs for retirement. The other portions of the show look at the usual issues of the evils of stock picking and why investment decisions should not be made from emotional or intuitive areas of our brain. Lastly, Don brings the curtain down on one of the reasons Ponzi schemes are allowed to run as rampant as they do. 

  • A smart way to approach investment from a place free of debt.
  • The only correct answer to asking what the stock market will do in the future.
  • Why trying to pick winning stocks is either greedy or foolish.
  • The privileged attitude that led to the Madoff Ponzi scheme.
  • The weak links in our logic when it comes to investing in mutual funds.
  • Emotional decisions and why these lead to lower returns.
  • The best retirement calculator that we are aware of.