Silver's So Sad

Most of those in the financial services industry are not looking out for you, they’re looking out for themselves. In this episode Don explore ways to look out for yourself. He also gets into commodities with a caller who's promoting silver. How has silver done when compared with equities and the growth of the global economy. Plus, more on Fidelity’s new no-expense funds.

  • Stock market versus precious metals.
  • The sad reality of silver investing.
  • No comparison between commodities and equities.
  • The progressive growth of the global economy.
  • Understanding the Fidelity Zero Total funds.
  • Financial Engines and Edelman merging.
  • Investment firms making money for themselves.
  • Stock brokers concerned about appearances.
  • Investing with Acorns.
  • Why your management fees shouldn’t be too high.
  • Build a plan then build a portfolio.
  • S&P changes and why you should be owning the whole market.

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