No Money Magic

The path to a great future is paved with money. But to have money you have to manage it properly. To manage it properly you need to find somebody that you can absolutely trust to do what’s best for you. Like a fiduciary. But the problem is, that people say they are fiduciaries, when they really aren’t! In this episode, we tell you how you can determine who is really a fiduciary and who is not. We also reiterate why you cannot predict the market. Squiggly lines do not predict the future. There is no money magic. The sooner you stop believing that there is, the happier you’re going to be in your life and the smarter you are going to be with your investments.

  • Are they always a fiduciary?
  • The proposed SEC disclosure for brokers.
  • Saving for college with the 529 plan.
  • AT&Ts transformation and call options.
  • Facebook and Twitter’s stock decline.
  • Real investing versus speculating.
  • We repeat: Don’t buy individual stocks!
  • The future income payment scam.
  • Three great ideas for retirement income.
  • A potentially dangerous income investment.
  • The extreme volatility of crytocurrencies?
  • There is no market magic.
  • Investors do not trade options
  • Idiotic book titles designed to fool you