Two Stock Melt

Tom and Don discuss the plunging price of two very well-known companies, Facebook and Twitter. Their message: Avoid individual stocks! In addition we take your calls on a variety of issues from charitable gift annuities to stock allocation.

  • The one-day declines of Facebook and Twitter.
  • We repeat: Don’t buy individual stocks!
  • Why individual stock investment is risky.
  • The largest stock declines in history.
  • Understanding your stock allocation.
  • Setting up a flexible withdrawal strategy.
  • Learn more about Financial Fysics (for free).
  • How many managers beat their benchmark?
  • Learn more about AAIIs shadow stock portfolio.
  • Find out more about the role of the proxy vote.
  • Positive & negatives of charitable gift annuities.
  • Can you put money in a Roth IRA after retirement?