Quick: More Keys

In this episode of Talking Real Money Quick, we bring you part two of the 10 crucial keys to successful investing. In this episode, we learn why market timing is so foolish and why you’re probably better off ignoring news media. As always, we also answer your calls and questions and today, cover topics such as investing with Swell and calculating taxes on Social Security.

  • What is Swell and is it worth it?
  • Why real investors create diverse portfolios.
  • Social security tax on total income.
  • You cannot predict the financial future.
  • Why market timing is so foolish.
  • The biggest enemy to real investing.
  • Your daily mantra: It is all past tense. 
  • What influences our perception of the future.
  • No one feels good about stocks that are falling.
  • The problem with investing emotionally. 
  • Media is telling you how to invest your money.
  • The news is trying to scare and confuse you.
  • Why you’re better off ignoring them all.