Retiremeet Classes

This episode is the second part of live recording at the Retiremeet North Conference and on today’s roster of speakers we have Harlan Accola from Fairway and Rick Gregorek from Gregorek and Associates. Harlan is an expert author and advisor on reverse mortgages. He explains how to use these products and clear up all confusion about reverse mortgages. Rick covers the topics of estate planning, putting together a team of advisors, the different retirement plans you can choose from and he even quickly looks at Medicaid.

  • Introducing our first guest in today’s episode, Harlan Accola.
  • Common misconceptions about reverse mortgages.
  • Some information Harlan’s book on home equity and reverse mortgages.
  • When to stop putting your money into equity and why.
  • Why reverse mortgages are a part of a diversification strategy.
  • The worthlessness of equity when you go into retirement.
  • Why Harlan’s family distrusted his ideas on reverse mortgages. 
  • Introducing our second guest for today’s episode, attorney, Rick Gregorek. 
  • Rick’s professional background and the concepts he will covering today.
  • Integrated estate planning and the importance of compiling a team of advisors.
  • Comparing will based and trust based plans.
  • How Rick and his colleagues came up with their wealth plan system.  
  • Business tools for estate planning and what you can use to your advantage.
  • The subtle difficulties of dealing with Medicaid and health tools.