Protect Yourself!

With Don away in New Zealand for a rare holiday Tom is joined by securities attorney, Lawrence Cock to talk about the legal side of finances and how you can protect your wealth. In this episode:

  • Why short-term returns are the wrong way to view your money.
  • Following an academic approach to the market.
  • Introducing this week’s guest star!
  • Some of the financial scams that are currently making the round. 
  • Looking back at the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time.
  • Real estate investing in Seattle and its returns.
  • Investments that do not live up to expectations as a form of scamming.  
  • Recourse against fraudsters and submitting complaints to firms. 
  • The rights of minority shareholders and how to settle disputes.  
  • What to consider when hiring a fiduciary.
  • Real estate financing and primary residential regulations.