The Bad Week

On today’s show we will be tackling last week’s bad, bad, bad week on the market. Was it that bad? Maybe not as bad as you thought. Don and Tom break down why this week’s drops should not have you running for the hills before looking at some of the common mistakes made by their, not so great, rivals, other finance podcasts. They look at managed brokerage accounts and give out some free, unsolicited advice for job seekers! The hosts answer a question about a real estate investment with a few problems and comment on the current state of fiduciary standards. Lastly our fearless team take a few shots at the scammers, gold diggers and general up to no good investors out there so you don’t get duped! So tune in and stay up to date with where the real money is!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why you should not be freaked out by the declines this week.
  • Stocks, gold and Bitcoin last week.
  • Some mistakes other investment podcasts are making.
  • Managed brokerage accounts and when to use them.
  • Some career and job hunting advice from the hosts.
  • Sorting out a real estate investment that has gone a but south.
  • Fiduciary standards and the current the rulings that are in process.
  • The biggest problem facing the financial services industry.
  • Dated approaches to money and the financial media’s problems.  
  • Scams of the day and the legitimate-likeness.
  • And much more!