It's All Don's Fault

Welcome to the Talking Real Money Podcast in this episode, we look back on last week’s huge declines in the Dow Jones and also give a few pieces of advice as to which indices to keep your eyes on. Globally diversified stock and bonds is a common enough idea but what does it actually mean in real terms? We break it down Real Money style so you can get the best out of your buck. We also go over some of the vast number of new scams and untrustworthy sources that you not be listening to, including some popular money podcasts! We even mention the almighty Warren Buffett himself and shed some light onto why his reputation has been a bit shaky of late. So if you want to get with the real money and sit at the smart investor table, you know what to do! Tune in to get it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Last week’s Dow Jones Industrial Average’s decline.
• Looking at America’s market drops in relations to Asia and the percentages.
• Why you should still have globally diversified stocks and bonds in todays climate. • Parking money in companies and moving the money into diversified traded funds. • Money funds, treasury money funds and treasury funds - the differences.
• The money and investing podcast reviews and ratings scam.
• Why to distrust robo-advisors and the multitude of passive incomes offers.
• Over-investing in treasury bonds and the risk involved.
• Why to stay away from actively managed mutual funds.
• Confusing signals from Warren Buffett’s personal investments.
• And much more!