Investing isn't as complicated as you might think

Don’t make investing any more complicated than it needs to be. Real investing is really simple. Should you be worried about future negative implications of index investing? Plus, another listener questions our disdain for crypto currencies and we explore the best 529 college savings plans.

Why you should be keeping your investing as simple as possible.

Don and Tom take John Bogle to task on index fund comments.

Jack Bogle’s subsequent remarks on RIAs and the current investment climate.

An update on some comments on cryptos from last week.

Using a 529 plan to set up your children’s education.

Don’s own journey as a radio host and the development of his money philosophy.

Eugene Fama’s research and findings on small-cap stocks.

Get accustomed and comfortable with the grey areas of investing.

The amazing call Don took in 1988.

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