SEC forces Goodman to return ill-gotten Woodbridge gains.

In this episode, we follow up on the Woodbridge Ponzi scheme and promoter Jordan Goodman’s promise to return his fees and, wow, what fees they were. We also answer questions from callers about money markets, pension benefits, and planning for your future income. The conversation touches on resources for teaching kids about money, and advice for investing in your own company stock. We also dive into the best investment options for your children, how to continue to diversify your investments, and much more.

Jordan Goodman’s role in the Woodbridge Ponzi scheme.

How safe are money markets?

Pension benefits in case of company bankruptcy.

Importance of diversification in your future income.

Teaching children about money by example.

Guidelines and risk for investing in your own company stock.

The best investments to buy or gift to your children.

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