Bitcoin: Is it a currency, an investment, or something far more dangerous?

In this week’s episode, we focus on cryptocurrencies. Maybe someday, everyone will realize that cryptocurrencies are an answer with a question! What are cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin? Are they a true currency, a real investment, or something else? Then, Don spends some time with a caller talking REITs and creating a portfolio for a high-risk tolerance.

What makes cryptocurrencies valuable?

The KPMG currency test and why bitcoin does not pass it.

So what is bitcoin if it not a currency?

The risks and rewards of real estate investment trusts.

High-risk tolerance investors and balancing investments accordingly.

Money managers and the lies around stock picking and actively managed funds.

A reminder to diversify and let the market do its job.

Looking forward Real Money Talk Radio and a 24-hour streaming service.

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