Stop believing that someone can predict the future direction of your investments

In this episode of Talking Real Money, Tom and Don talk about their most asked question, “How did the market do?” The challenge is, what you’re really asking is, “How much money have you made me lately and what’s going to happen?" The only thing we know is that stock prices will go down at some point but we have no idea when it’s going to happen! They take calls on taking risks with your money in order to make money, money markets, and how to build your wealth and invest smartly.

What you should be doing when the market is down.

If your investments aren’t doing well, is putting your money in the bank the answer?

When paying off your mortgage makes sense.

If short-term volatility disturbs you, you probably aren’t a stock investor.

Reverse mortgages: find the best rates and fewest fees.

The dangers of not re balancing your account.

Selling high and buying low.

Making a disciplined approach; not playing with you money.

How to handle your bonds dragging your stocks - should you invest in annuities?

Trusting your money to one person/company to handle - check your fees.

Saving accounts, putting money into a 529 plan to grow it even more.

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