Your wallet is back on the menu at those free steak dinners.

With the demise of the fiduciary requirement, annuity salespeople are back with a vengeance. Plus, we continue the ten keys to real investing with the last five! Don talks about proper diversification, future predictions, the market’s past tense nature and more. Don also takes a couple of calls on Roth IRAs and how to navigate retirement preparation.

The return of misleading annuity sales pitches.

The S&P 500 and how it runs off commissions before all else.

Weighing a Roth IRA with a 403(b) and figuring out which is best.

Continuing with the ten keys of real investing.

A properly diversified portfolio of investments.

The problem with so-called accurate predictions of the future.

Why the market is in the past tense and we act like it is in the present.

Ignoring the financial news and the media spin doctors.

Planning for the worst and expecting the best with safe investments.

Advice to the younger generations regarding Roth IRAs.

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