The Ballad of Wade Crook or You Can't Keep a Good Con Down

It recently came to our attention that Wade Cook, aka Wade Crook, has started giving financial advice and hosting webinars again after being released from jail. We thought what better way to celebrate this dumbfounding news than by airing a segment in the style of Wade and his shady money philosophy. After that we talk about insurance, staying away from stock picking and a reminder about the danger of cryptocurrencies.

Welcome to the Wade Crook parody podcast!

"I give good advice even though I went to jail!"

Whole life insurance and why to be wary of indexed universal life insurance.

Sticking to a disciplined plan and veering away from stock picking.

Market timing and the lesson we can learn from 2008.

The fundamental problem with cryptocurrencies.


A sample from Wade Cook’s own podcast.

Protecting yourself from scams, because no one can protect you from everything!

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