The best money feature on the radio. It’s smart, it’s’s what great retirements are made of.
— Paul Duckworth, Program Director, KOMO Newsradio, Seattle

Where is the Real Investing Help?

The Wall Street Journal Report = business news & the markets
Bloomberg = business news & the markets
CNBC = business news & the markets
Fox Business = business news & the markets
Dave Ramsey = debt counseling
Consumer Reports = consumer reports

Notice a trend developing? No one is talking about real investing for real people on a daily business except:

Talking Real Money = real investing

Help your listeners understand the difference between investing and speculation. Give them an opportunity to level the playing field with the so-called "financial experts" who have been taking advantage of them for too long. Provide the information they need to make better decisions about their money today for a better tomorrow.

Since 1988, Don McDonald, a financial and broadcast pro, has been helping radio listeners and investors make better decisions about real investing (as opposed to gambling). He is back with a daily :90 second feature about the realities of building wealth for a better future. He tells the truth about the current state of the financial industry and points listeners toward the right path for them, not their broker or insurance agent. Listeners love Don for daring to look out for their best interests as opposed to the powerful, deep pockets of Wall Street, banks, and insurance companies.

This is powerful, entertaining, and informative content that meets the needs of news talk radio's core audience and will keep them tuning to catch every report.

Don's Talking Real Money features are created to air Monday-Friday as part of your station's local news. They are available to a single station per ADI at no cost.

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