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Retirement Investing. Retirement Income. Lynnwood.

  • Lynnwood Convention Center 3711 196th Street S.W. Lynnwood, WA (map)

Your ultimate goal is to create a brighter future, and much of that future will be spent in retirement. Enjoying the retirement you deserve takes money. That’s why Don McDonald and Tom Cock from Talking Real Money have created two powerful new retirement classes.

First, it’s been proven that index funds outperform actively managed mutual funds. That’s why money is draining from active investing and flooding into index products. However, there is solid science that points to something even better than pure index funds.

Learn how to build a better than ideal portfolio based on the latest (much of it Nobel Prize winning) academic research as Don presents Retirement Investing - Beyond Indexing.

Most investors biggest fear is running out of money before running out of life. That has led too many retirees to hand their assets over to an insurance company for a pricey annuity. There are scientifically sound income generating alternatives that allow you to maintain ownership of your money.

Tom will help you create a better retirement income plan in his all new class, Retirement Income - Avoiding Annuities.

Both of these brand new classes will premiere at on event on May 16th at 7 pm in Lynwood.

Don’t miss these valuable new classes.