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The Science of Retirement Investing - Bellevue


Our first five LunchED events were fast sellouts, so we have scheduled our sixth class to accommodate all of you who were unable to get tickets for the first five classes.

Again, we would like to invite you to get over the hump (Wednesday) by feeding both your body and your future.

Join Don McDonald for lunch and a live video class, The Science of Retirement Investing.

Academic research undertaken over the past 50 years has led to a renaissance in retirement investment strategies. No longer is creating wealth for a brighter future a matter of hiring a financial fortune teller and hoping for the best. Today, we know what it takes to create portfolios that combine the right amount of possible risk and potential reward for your personal situation.

In this one hour class, Don, along with a number of PhD economists (many Nobel Prize winners) – from some of the most prestigious institutions in the world – will share the latest peer reviewed research on creating real retirement portfolios. The days of owning a high cost conglomeration of random assets are over. There is a better  – more scientific – way to build wealth.

Your ticket price includes a catered box lunch with your choice of various sandwich/salad combinations plus a freshly baked cookie and beverage.