Pay Less, Get More?

Is it possible to get the ongoing service of a dedicated fiduciary fee-only advisor and make more than working with a commissioned salesperson? In many cases, the answer is yes.

This chart illustrates the difference between a very typical broker-sold mutual fund and Vestory's Focus Global 100% Equity portfolio assuming both portfolios returned 8% gross (before fees) every year for 20 years. Here are details on the two funds:

Oppenheimer Global A
oad: 5.75%
Annual fees: 1.14%

Vestory Focus 100% Global Equity
Load: none
Annual fees: 1.32% (includes advisory fee)

$10,000 invested from 20 years at hypothetical 8% average annual gross return (before fees and commissions) Results are for illustration only and do not represnet actual investments. Vestory's account minimum is typically $250,000.