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These Gifts Really Keep Giving

Don McDonald

The best gift you can give is a financial future. So, here is the Talking Real Money Building Brighter Futures Gift List (in no particular order):

Talking Real Money's Real Investing 2016 Calendar

The best investing calendar ever made. It's fun, informative, and id perfectly laid our for keeping track of your busy life. It's only $10 with $5 going to the Merriman Financial Education Foundation's effort to improve financial literacy.

Best Investing Books

There are a lot of investing books and MOST of them stink. We have read most of them so you don't have to and have created this very short list of the very best REAL investing books

Best Investment Plan for College


Give a Comfortable Retirement

If your child or grandchild has earned income don't give them something that will soon be forgotten and sold for pennies on the dollar at a future garage sale. Instead, give them a comfortable secure future.

Help Them Learn Where They are Now and Might Be Later

If you have someone on your list who has been saving and investing, but may not be sure just what they own, their level of portfolio diversification, and how much they are paying, give them a Future Blueprint. Until December 25th save $100 on the gift of My Future Blueprint with the Discount Code: FUTURE