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Real Money Apps

For many, smart phones have become a preferred information source. Help us explore some of the best real money apps by sending your favorites.

Let's get started with our favorite app for Android and iPhone (and, yes, we are a bit biased):

Talking Real Money

Make your real life money issues make real sense with "Talking Real Money."
Your real money - real life education culminates in "Talking Real Money - the App." Created by long-time national talk show host, Don McDonald, this app features the best of Don's financial radio programs, podcasts, and videos along with solid investing advice from PBS television host, Tom Cock.
With this app, you get great original essays and blog posts on money matters of all kinds, educational financial videos, and investing guidance based on decades of Nobel Prize winning research. There is even a direct connection to ask Don and Tom questions about your real money issues. It's all delivered directly to you as new material is created.
With this app you can:

  • -listen to every available episode of "Talking Real Money," "Investoradio," and the "Don McDonald Show."
  • -automatically receive Don's latest newsletters and blog posts.
  • -access the latest 401k/403b information and specific plan advice from 401411.
  • -watch educational and fun money and investing videos
  • -contact Don or Tom directly from the app with all of your money questions.
  • -and, of course, much more!