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Get the facts about managing and investing your money, live every Saturday at noon PT. Tom & Don are Talking Real Money on KOMO Newsradio in Seattle. You can listen live or explore our library of podcasts anytime. If you would like to have the latest podcast delivered via e-mail subscribe below. 

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Don also produces daily investing features on a variety of topics.

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The educational effort of which we are most proud is our classes. They are unique in the financial community in that they are actual classes, not thinly veiled sales pitches. One attendee at an all-day money event in Phoenix stated that our class provided the kind of investing education that he hoped (and failed) to get from a day filled with pitches for everything from indexed annuities to rubber partnerships, day-trading to non-traded REITS.

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Get the help you need to build a really great future. Tom and Don's investment advisory firm, Vestory, is one of the approximately 1% of firms required to always act in your best interests*. Using the academic research at some of the industry's lowest fees, Vestory helps hundreds of clients build the wealth they need for a truly comfortable retirement.

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*source: Marketwatch

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Do you know what is really in your portfolio? How well diversified are you? How much are your investments costing you. Will you have enough to retire well? You can't plan for the future without knowing where you are today. Order "My Future Blueprint"  (there is no obligation or high-pressure sales pitch, ever).

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We are always adding new services and resources to help you become a better investor and build a brighter future. Check out a variety of resources at our other websites like and

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Your retirement plan at work will likely be the foundation of your future. Yet, the choices are confusing and the particulars are difficult to understand. We want to help everyone make better portfolio decisions within 401k and 403b plans. Let us give you some suggestions to better allocate your plan totally free (and it's not an excuse for a sales pitch, either).


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